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TNT Tuakana - Teina Rangatahi Advisory Group

The TNT Tuakana Teina Rangatahi Advisory Group is a very important part of Te Puna Hauora Ki Uta Ki Tai's services in Tauranga Moana.

How did they get their name?
The group used the Tuakana-Teina idea as their model, breaking the name down to TNT as in Tuakana Teina, but also adding the concept of a 'breaking forth' or 'explosion' of new ideas – as in dynamite. Their kaupapa was to be involved with the Kaupapa Maori Tamariki/Rangatahi mental health services of Te Puna Hauora, providing an advisory role to the team.

How did the group start?
The group started when two Te Puna Hauora staff members had been attending Te Rau Tipu national Māori CAMHS workforce hui, where the discussion was on the need for rangatahi to be part of service development in advisory or focus group capacity, for rangatahi mental health services.

How long has the group been going?
Since 2008 – and we still have 1 member who has been in the group from the start, and 2 who have been there a couple of years.

Why have an Advisory Group?
An advisory group to the service will encourage and support rangatahi participation in our services. Te Puna Hauora BOP staff will be in tune with the needs of rangatahi from a service perspective – and be flexible to change or adapt services to meet rangatahi needs.

The goal of the TNT Tuakana Teina Rangatahi Advisory Group is to: 
  • provide a forum where rangatahi have a say about services and service delivery
  • improve access and break down barriers for rangatahi
  • help reduce stigma of rangatahi using mental health services.

How many in the group?
It started with 8, and still has 8. Five are rangatahi (teina) and 3 are pakeke (tuakana).

What do they do now?
The TNT team are available to help other rangatahi Advisory groups to get started – or to tautoko. We would also like to network with other rangatahi advisory or support groups. We will also be writing articles to include on our website.

Pakeke Advisory Group

The Te Puna Hauora Ki Uta Ki Tai Pakeke Advisory Group is reasonably new, just having had the second meeting last month. The group members are made up of whānau who have used, or are currently using Te Puna Hauora's Pakeke services, or who want to support the organisation.

The meetings are about supporting (tautoko) each other, learning new skills, leadership training – as well as being involved in service planning and development.

One of the exciting initiatives of this page is that in the future, you will be reading articles and news from the members.

Advisory Groups

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